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Bacon-wrapped chicken involtini

This is my version, based from a recipe from grouprecipes.com . I decided to use ingredients I had on hand and those my family likes.  I also wanted to try to make something more frugal since I have had a few questions about how much money my meals cost. So I am going to give … Continue reading

Ravioli making

My family came for a visit and I promised them homemade ravioli. I can remember every year at Easter, my grandparents and their cousins made ravioli for the Easter meal. I also remember walking to the cousin’s house with my dad or uncle to get the ravioli box out of their freezer . To me, it was … Continue reading

Gadgets for my kitchen

Tomorrow I am going to head out for a little shopping. I hope to purchase one of the following tools for my kitchen. Pasta wheel-good for cutting noodles, sealing ravioli and decorative edges on pastries. A pastry scraper or board knife-this would help in cutting dough and cleaning up my work surface.

Ricotta gnocchi

Tonight I tried this recipe for Ricotta Gnocchi that I found at Italian food forever. It is so simple, just like the pictures and recipe say. I decided to take pictures, or have my son take some pictures, of the whole process. So let’s begin with the basic ingredients.