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Easter memories and menu

We all had a wonderful Easter with a great church service followed by a great meal. It was the normal family including my hubby, my boys, my daughter and her son and me. Here is Isaiah, or Za as we call him, waiting for his food.

Pomodoro sauce and Italian sausage

Last night I was making a special meal for my husband and I since our boys were away. He loves Italian sausage so I wanted to do something with that but slightly different from our standard ways of fixing it. So I researched and found a simple pomodoro sauce, basically a fresh sauce using plum … Continue reading

Homemade lasagna and tortellini

Let me start off by saying any pasta making by hand or machine is a labor of love. It can be intensive but fun. It is the experience that memories are made of. It’s the tie that binds me to my ancestors, my father and grandparents. And now it is connecting me with my husband … Continue reading