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Chicken Posole Soup

What’s this? Two posts in a row? Yep. I had to write about this recipe I tried yesterday and you know my family are the guinea pigs of all my cooking experiments. This was no different. Several shocking things occurred. 1. My onion-hating son ate more than half a bowl knowing there were diced onions in … Continue reading

A Lesson in Quadrucci Pasta

A Lesson in Quadrucci Pasta

Sometimes I have very high aspirations when I find new recipes or new-to-me old country recipe from Italy. I think, “eh, how hard can it be?”. I am here to tell you sometimes it’s really tough.Last night I remembered to buy flat leaf Italian parsley to try this really cool dish called “Quadrucci in Brodo” … Continue reading

Pappa al Pomodoro or Bread and Tomato Soup

Here in North East Ohio we are suffering with some frigid temperatures outside. It’s the perfect weather to stay inside and enjoy some comfort foods that are hot and filling. Bread and Tomato soup fits the bill perfectly. I’m making this soup Thursday evening for my students attending the Italian comfort foods class at Cool … Continue reading

Why do I teach cooking classes?

I’ve been asking myself this question since I’ve had a rash of classes over the past week. My simple answer is this- I love to cook and I love to teach others how to cook. I get so much joy from watching people learn they can make delicious foods in their own kitchen and it … Continue reading

One whole chicken-two meals or more!

Yes, foodie friends it can be done! I was able to make a purchasing error into a wonderful meal two different nights. I know I am not the first to do this but I do believe I did it with minimal work involved. First let me tell you about the contest I have going at … Continue reading

Did I hear someone ask for a vegetarian menu?

Oh yeah, I thought I did. It was you! Or maybe you? No? That’s ok, I promise this menu will please even us carnivores. I know my family enjoyed this meal.  Since today is a sauce cooking/meatball making/pasta and bread making day, I wanted an easier meal last night. (Photo credit) I said easy? I … Continue reading

Creamy tomato basil soup

This is one of our favorite soups and up until today, we always ate it from a can. Makes me say ick now, since I made some from scratch which was so simple. I apologize in advance for not having a picture we were very hungry! Creamy tomato basil soup adapted from La Madeleine’s Tomato … Continue reading

Soups and stews and pasta, oh my!

I thought I would update on my last post. I told my son I would make a beef stew this week and some soup. Well yesterday was mine and my husband’s day together and we lost track of time so I resorted to buying some canned soup for dinner as well as having sandwiches. Apparently … Continue reading

Sausage and Cici bean soup

Well here we are with  my last post for 2009. I want to thank all my visitors who have encouraged me to keep doing this blogging thing. It means so much to me knowing that people are visiting and returning for more. Please drop me a comment and let me know what you think. And … Continue reading