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Asparagus,Tomato and Mozzarella Salad

Asparagus,Tomato and Mozzarella Salad

  Every now and then I find a recipe using asparagus which gives me hope in using this vegetable that was never part of my childhood meals. With this in mind, I never wanted to try the long, slender funny looking vegetable. Broccoli was a stretch for me as a child. I disliked most vegetables. … Continue reading

Fresh and Healthy Foods for Summer

Today I taught another class, this one was called “Fresh and Healthy Summer Meals”. What we ended making was closer to a side dish but all were extremely tasty. I promised to put up the recipes here on my blog to the ladies who attended. We made a few minor changes from the originals but … Continue reading

Grilled chicken salad

I thought I would write down my instructions for a simple and light dinner that we have often. Especially in the hot summer months, a big cool salad hits the spot. I don’t do anything special but what I do is I have no fear and make my own marinade with lots of abandon. I … Continue reading

Easter memories and menu

We all had a wonderful Easter with a great church service followed by a great meal. It was the normal family including my hubby, my boys, my daughter and her son and me. Here is Isaiah, or Za as we call him, waiting for his food.

Bacon-wrapped chicken involtini

This is my version, based from a recipe from grouprecipes.com . I decided to use ingredients I had on hand and those my family likes.  I also wanted to try to make something more frugal since I have had a few questions about how much money my meals cost. So I am going to give … Continue reading

Oregano chicken salad with garlic crostini

Tonight was one of those nights where I feel very creative but want a rather quick meal. I finished separating the chicken from the carcass I boiled the night before from my stock making and thought “what do I do with this chicken?”. I normally make a simple chicken noodle soup but that is not … Continue reading

Vegetables-a staple in Italian cooking

This is something that is somewhat new to me. I always assumed pasta was the main staple, and while it’s widely used in the Italian diet, so are vegetables. It’s important to use vegetables that are “in season” in your area for best results when using vegetables. Because we live in a society where produce … Continue reading

Insalata Caprese

Yesterday I did my normal weekly food shopping and tried to pick up some foods needed for my pantry and for this blog. I am trying hard to incorporate the recipes into our menus but that is not going to be easy. We are on a diet here, low carb, low fat, etc…so I am … Continue reading