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Celebration Night!

Today is our 19th wedding anniversary. I have the world’s best husband but then again, I am quite biased. He treats me like a queen and encourages me in every single thing I do to make myself a better person, whether it’s in the role of a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend,chef, and soon-to-be … Continue reading

Chicken Cacciatore

Once again it’s cooking class time for me. The month of January has been filled with one class after another. I do enjoy every minute of the classes. Sometimes the prep work of recipe research and shopping can be taxing but it’s all part of what I do. There are ways to make those parts … Continue reading

Trying Tiramisu

Trying Tiramisu

For quite some time, I’ve been making a Tiramisu-themed dessert in some of my classes but I needed a recipe closer to the classic Tiramisu Italy is so famous for. I needed to find a recipe that could be made quickly, not use raw eggs, set up fast and taste delicious.  I guess it’s a pretty … Continue reading

Company for dinner…

This phrase both excites and frightens me. How can that possibly be true? Simple, I love hosting but I have a hard time deciding on what to make and serve. There are so many simple dishes to make but then who wants to go the easy way? Not me! I am a glutton for punishment, … Continue reading

Homemade Overnight Pickles

Photo Credit: Jewish World View   My brother recently returned to the States from South Korea where he spent 3 year teaching English classes to Korean children. He brought with him stories of the Korean culture and a few recipes. He gave me this pickle recipe and we gave it a try. I have never … Continue reading

Summer means salads

With summer almost here and the spring bringing fresh lettuce to the markets I am thinking of all the salad combinations I can begin making. I’ve already tried my hand with combining hot proteins with cold lettuce and vegetables as well as pasta salads. Around my house we like different combinations of flavors and textures … Continue reading

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Involtini Revisted

Last week a friend let me know she tried one of my recipes. That excites me. What can I say? I’m a simple girl. She told me she prepared the bacon wrapped chicken and used roasted red pepper and provolone cheese which were different from the original recipe’s ingredient list. According to her and her … Continue reading