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Feeling like an inadequate Italian today…

Feeling like an inadequate Italian today…

  Photo credit: Pastapomodoro.org Remember I told you all about a gig I have at the local library? Well it seems I am just doing the pasta making demo for the International Club’s meeting on Italy, which is fine by me. Less stress than to have to put together a power-point show and have information … Continue reading

Chicken Scampi and a funny story

Last night my hubby had to work late so I wanted to make a dish that could be reheated easily and still taste good. I chose a dish that is very popular here in my home-chicken scampi. I don’t think this is a true, authentic version but it’s very good. And everyone here loves it.  … Continue reading

Ravioli making

My family came for a visit and I promised them homemade ravioli. I can remember every year at Easter, my grandparents and their cousins made ravioli for the Easter meal. I also remember walking to the cousin’s house with my dad or uncle to get the ravioli box out of their freezer . To me, it was … Continue reading

Buon Natale!

Merry Christmas to all. What a wonderful start to our day already. We have opened the gifts, the stockings and ate a wonderful breakfast. We drank Italian roast Starbucks coffee and orange juice. We are having lots of fun with a toddler running around. Christmas is for families and memories and traditions. Every year I … Continue reading

Patience has it’s own reward

I have been drooling over the pasta machines on Amazon and Chef’s catalog for several weeks now, but knew it was way out of my affordability at this time. So I have been on the look-out as I go out shopping at thrift stores to stock my kitchen with various tools and items to enhance … Continue reading