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Rigatoni with Mushrooms and Ricotta cheese

This weekend I caught a few cooking shows, namely Lidia’s Italy and Ciao Italia. I realized I cook much like Lidia with simple dishes packed with flavor and few ingredients. I don’t like to make dishes with ingredients that are hard to find or super expensive. I haven’t had a rigatoni dish in a long … Continue reading

Not winning hurts

Not winning hurts

I alluded to the fact I entered a contest to win a trip to Italy in a previous post. I am here to vent and say I was not chosen. I will not say I lost because that would imply I am a loser which I am not. There were many entries and I was … Continue reading

Pasta al tonno or pasta with tuna

I’ve been dying to try this dish for a long time. I finally found the right tuna, a white filet packed in olive oil, and bought a few cans. You can go with either a tomato and tuna based sauce or a bianco tuna sauce. I think we will first try the tomato based sauce. … Continue reading


What can I say but yum! Risotto is the Italian rice dish that is true comfort food. Risotto can be made with so many flavors and additions that the possibilities are endless for enjoying this traditional dish. My first bit of research with Italian rice said that all Italian rice is cooked without a lid. … Continue reading