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Did I hear someone ask for a vegetarian menu?

Oh yeah, I thought I did. It was you! Or maybe you? No? That’s ok, I promise this menu will please even us carnivores. I know my family enjoyed this meal.  Since today is a sauce cooking/meatball making/pasta and bread making day, I wanted an easier meal last night. (Photo credit) I said easy? I … Continue reading

Cooking lesson

I gave my first cooking lesson yesterday to a friend. Up until this point, I have only ever taught my family how to cook so this was exciting and scary at the same time. Could I do it? Would she learn and would the food be good?

Gadgets for my kitchen

Tomorrow I am going to head out for a little shopping. I hope to purchase one of the following tools for my kitchen. Pasta wheel-good for cutting noodles, sealing ravioli and decorative edges on pastries. A pastry scraper or board knife-this would help in cutting dough and cleaning up my work surface.

How to eat spaghetti!

I have always known I do not eat spaghetti in the proper manner. My grandmother pointed that out to me when I was younger. I have always….ready for it?….cut my spaghetti! Yes you heard me right, cut it! Such a sacrilege. Much to my embarrassment, I have no idea why or when I started doing … Continue reading