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Coming up for air…

Coming up for air…

It’s been a whirlwind of activity the last few weeks for me and there aren’t any signs of it slowing down soon. My oldest daughter is due any day now with her fifth baby which means I am on “call” to go there to watch the other grandchildren while she is in the hospital. I … Continue reading

The Art of Storytelling

I firmly believe storytelling is becoming a lost art. With so many factors causing families to be separated these days, the chief storytellers have no one to pass on their stories to. I find that even in my own life, my kids at home, who are of the teenage boy variety, don’t care to hear … Continue reading

Happy Birthday to the Twins!

David and Daniel turn one year old today!!! The most recent report is that both boys are walking.  Daniel has been for a while and David finally took his own first steps alone yesterday. Here is their first year in pictures. Enjoy! Hours after birth with me, the proud grandma. One month old. At two … Continue reading

Reflections on my hectic week

Permit me a bit of monologuing here for a while. This past week has been incredibly busy and full of little people. I have spent time with all 5 grandchildren this week. For a few days, 4 of them came to stay and we had a lot of fun with our tea party, library visit … Continue reading

Blogging Hiatus

My beautiful and busy grandbabies are here visiting so I’ll be on break for a few days. Here is a sweet photo for your enjoyment until I post again after they leave. Oh what has their attention? They are all looking outside at my dog using the “potty”.

Grandma’s Little Helper for Pierogis

Yesterday I had my daughter and grandson over for dinner and visiting time. Za (pronounced with a long a sound) was so glad to be here because he missed us all so much. We all missed him and his momma and were glad for a visit. I figured I would take the time to show … Continue reading

Happy birthday Asher-boy!!!

My first grandson is three today! His momma called me and asked if I was doing a post dedicated to him and you know what? I completely forgot! I felt like a bad grandma but it’s still his birthday and I’m posting a second post in one day to honor this special little guy. Warning, … Continue reading

No time to write a proper entry

I’ve been so busy lately. Now that the family has all visited and gone home I’ll have some time to get back to blogging and new recipes. I already blew the goal of blogging daily but that was due to having visitors in my home. My grandchildren took up all my time over the past … Continue reading

The holidays are approaching…

which means I need to start planning and cooking. I will not spend my Christmas day making pasta but eating it! Since Thanksgiving is an American holiday, there really isn’t a traditional Italian dish to make. I don’t even remember if my family had anything other than turkey on Thanksgiving while growing up. I know … Continue reading

My grandchildren…a labor of love!

As I sit here writing this post, I am fully recovered from my 24+ hours visit of my daughter and her family. Since it’s a two and a half hour drive to my house from hers, they usually come and stay for a night. Now with 4 children that makes for a fun time. We … Continue reading