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I can’t help myself

If I don’t do something with dough, either bread or pasta, at least once a week, I go nuts! I find such a comfort in kneading dough. I never used a mixer of any type to make dough and I don’t think I ever will use one. Why? When you are kneading you can work … Continue reading

Cooking lesson

I gave my first cooking lesson yesterday to a friend. Up until this point, I have only ever taught my family how to cook so this was exciting and scary at the same time. Could I do it? Would she learn and would the food be good?

Cooking for IDIC…a day late

But it still counts. So today I ventured into the unknown and made a Bolognese sauce. First I will say this was no more work than my typical pot of marinara sauce, Neapolitan style. In fact it might have been easier, but the taste is decidedly different. And the texture and the look. I did … Continue reading

Mini-Caprese sandwiches

Tonight I am attending a party with a bunch of lady friends. I have been trying to figure out what kind of appetizer or hors dourves to bring that reflects my Italian heritage. So I turned one of my favorite salads into a sandwich with one of my favorite breads! I am using focaccia bread, … Continue reading

Homemade soup…

I need a name for this soup since I came up with it myself by combining the flavors and styles of a few other soups. Maybe Italian meatball soup? Maybe Tomato Basil Meatball soup? Hmmmm….let me think on it.

Rosemary and cheese focaccia bread

Today is a baking day. I decided to test my skills with yeast breads. I have never made a yeast bread by hand before, I have used a bread machine, but that is not the same thing by any means. Foccacia bread is a simple bread to start with. A little history of the focaccia … Continue reading