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Things I’ve Learned From My Husband

Things I’ve Learned From My Husband

This is not about cooking at all but it’s about the things I’ve learned from the man I love. We’ve been together for twenty years, married for 19 of those and I love him more today than the day I married him. I’m writing this on the day before I will have surgery on my … Continue reading

An Early Christmas Celebration

An Early Christmas Celebration

Yesterday we had an early Christmas celebration with my daughter who lives out-of-town. All of us from this side of the state traveled over to the other side for some family craziness and fun. Try to picture the scene of six children under the age of six and 10 teens/adults ranging in ages 15 to … Continue reading

Wresting with The Devil-book review

Wresting with The Devil-book review

My good friend, Michelle Fabio of Bleeding Espresso, who is now a managing editor at Gemelli Press recently asked me to if I wanted to read and review another book for them. I had already read and reviewed a book published by Gemelli Press, Beyond the Pasta by Mark Leslie, so I was excited to … Continue reading


I’ve been writing this post in my head for almost one month. I just can’t wait any longer to get these thoughts down.  One of the goals I had when I began this blog was to connect with family members I had never met, particularly any one in Italy who I am related to. I … Continue reading

Special days

It seems I like to honor special days in my family, maybe more so than others, but that is ok. I truly love to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other holidays in grand fashion including lots of good food. What other way is there? This Sunday Phil and I will celebrate 18 years of marriage. It’s … Continue reading

It’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to

Yeah, it’s a whiny post so if you don’t want to read, leave or delete now. Disclaimer out-of-the-way, what this is really about is longing. This time of year always brings about a longing in me I can’t or haven’t fulfilled in my life. Personally I think a trip to Italy would help. I also … Continue reading


Photo credit: Messagenote.com Another dear friend of mine has passed away. This time my friend died from a tragic accident as opposed to a sickness, it’s still sad either way. The loss is still great. The sadness is here. My friend Irene welcomed me into her heart and life back in 1994 when we moved … Continue reading

Reflections on my hectic week

Permit me a bit of monologuing here for a while. This past week has been incredibly busy and full of little people. I have spent time with all 5 grandchildren this week. For a few days, 4 of them came to stay and we had a lot of fun with our tea party, library visit … Continue reading

Blogging Hiatus

My beautiful and busy grandbabies are here visiting so I’ll be on break for a few days. Here is a sweet photo for your enjoyment until I post again after they leave. Oh what has their attention? They are all looking outside at my dog using the “potty”.

Mock Gyros with Chicken and Homemade Pitas

I decided to go with these  Mock gyros instead of quesadillas tonight, mostly because I wanted to make Tzatziki sauce for the first time. I took off all the good meat left on the chicken and mixed it with some olive oil, garlic, oregano, salt and pepper. I made homemade pita bread and Tzatziki sauce, … Continue reading