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Rigatoni with Mushrooms and Ricotta cheese

This weekend I caught a few cooking shows, namely Lidia’s Italy and Ciao Italia. I realized I cook much like Lidia with simple dishes packed with flavor and few ingredients. I don’t like to make dishes with ingredients that are hard to find or super expensive. I haven’t had a rigatoni dish in a long … Continue reading

Buffalo Blue Baked Potato

Buffalo Blue Baked Potato

I was searching Pinterest for some ideas to use with my cooking classes for kids when I found a recipe for Chicken Cordon Bleu Potatoes. I was curious enough and clicked through to the blog, Will Cook For Smiles, and liked what I saw. The only problem is I didn’t have all the ingredients on … Continue reading

New recipes….appetizer and dessert

New recipes….appetizer and dessert

First things first, the job didn’t work out. I took down the post about it so I wouldn’t be found in a search for that particular business in my area because it’s not fair to them to make it known about their changes. Now, moving right along, because that is exactly what I am doing … Continue reading

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Involtini Revisted

Last week a friend let me know she tried one of my recipes. That excites me. What can I say? I’m a simple girl. She told me she prepared the bacon wrapped chicken and used roasted red pepper and provolone cheese which were different from the original recipe’s ingredient list. According to her and her … Continue reading

Three cheese tomato pie recipe

The idea of a tomato pie is not my original idea by any means. Last week a fellow blogger, Sweet Jeanette, posted her recipe for this wonderfullly flavored dish, perfect for summertime. I was a bit inspired to change it up a bit since I didn’t want to use mayonaise so I thought a bit … Continue reading

Chicken Scampi and a funny story

Last night my hubby had to work late so I wanted to make a dish that could be reheated easily and still taste good. I chose a dish that is very popular here in my home-chicken scampi. I don’t think this is a true, authentic version but it’s very good. And everyone here loves it.  … Continue reading

Chicken with olives and tomatoes

I know it’s  not a very original title for a new recipe but it’s the best I can do in my present state of health. I am still sick and now my voice is just about gone. I haven’t cooked in a few days which had been a nice break.My wonderful hubby has been filling … Continue reading

It’s in the cheese

Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese is one of the best tasting Italian cheeses, to me anyway. Tonight I made up a new dish, Cauliflower au Gratin or Cavolfiore Gratinati in Italian. It calls for only 1/4 cup of this rather expensive cheese. I found this recipe at one of the new blogs I discovered, bell’ alimento. This was super … Continue reading