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Coming to terms with my food snobbery…

It seems I’ve been put in my place by none other than my very own daughter. And on my 45th birthday of all days! Ha! That’ll teach me to let my husband plan my special day. Hehe…all kidding aside I am delighted to tell you about the wonderful birthday I had and how I had to … Continue reading

Happy Birthday to the Twins!

David and Daniel turn one year old today!!! The most recent report is that both boys are walking.  Daniel has been for a while and David finally took his own first steps alone yesterday. Here is their first year in pictures. Enjoy! Hours after birth with me, the proud grandma. One month old. At two … Continue reading

Happy Birthday to my first born son.

Today is a double celebration for my family. We not only celebrate Mother’s Day but we also have a special birthday. Jake turned 16 today. I can’t believe it, where does the time go? As has been my tradition over the last few months, this post is mostly pictures  so it’s ok if you don’t … Continue reading

Happy birthday Asher-boy!!!

My first grandson is three today! His momma called me and asked if I was doing a post dedicated to him and you know what? I completely forgot! I felt like a bad grandma but it’s still his birthday and I’m posting a second post in one day to honor this special little guy. Warning, … Continue reading

Happy birthday to my first born…

I can’t believe it’s been 28 years since I became a mom. I was not ready at all, although I thought I was at the time. I was very young and life was simply chaotic but I knew that there was no way I would not have my baby when I learned I was pregnant … Continue reading

Happy birthday to my baby girl

Today we celebrate another birthday in our family. My youngest daughter, Lauren, turns 25. She is 1/4 of a century old. That means I’m getting older too but I don’t think I feel it. Ok, maybe I do today since I am.still.sick! Just how long is a cold supposed to last anyway? Since I shared … Continue reading

The Princess turns 4!

Four years ago this sweet-faced little girl came into my world. She gave me the badge of honor called “grandma”. She forever changed my heart. With her big brown eyes, though more blue in this photo, and her pouty bottom lip she inherited from her mommy, she just wiggled her way into my heart.  I … Continue reading

Birthdays and busyness….

Today my son turns 14. He is my baby, my youngest. The caboose. He came into the world about 2 in the morning on August 11, 1996. He wasn’t scheduled to be here until Monday the 12th via a scheduled c-section but he had other plans. He is not only my baby but he was … Continue reading