I’m finally going to Italy!


Can you believe it? I am having a hard time myself believing one of my biggest dreams and #1 item on my bucket list is coming true later this year.


I was invited to go along with extended family who fluently speak the language and dialect. This gives me the best chance to survive a first time trip to Italy. Plus they will be able to navigate our traveling party through the flights, car rental and hotel reservations. I’m just so excited to begin planning.

Did I mention I’m excited? Every day I have some new information I found for my trip to share with my family. They are going to be sick of hearing of my planning before I ever get on the plane. Oh well, that’s just fine.

I know we will see some sights in Rome but I’m not sure what else is going to happen at this point. I probably won’t be sharing details of when and where until I return but right now I needed to get this post written. I will keep a journal while I’m gone and share photos as well. I might be able to do this daily with a wi-fi connection in a hotel. That remains to be seen.

italy map journal

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At this point I am making lists of things I need to buy ahead of time, like good walking shoes and break them in before the trip, some new luggage and clothes. I’m finding so many helpful hints and travel tips on the numerous blogs I visit and read. Since I’ve been preparing for this trip for years I feel like I am ahead of the game in some respects but I am sure there is much to learn about International travel and culture shock in Italy.


I simply can’t wait! Oh yeah, I am already researching a cooking class for us to take while there but this is not as easy as it would seem. Most are held in a few areas of Italy and I don’t believe we’ll be heading in either of those directions. I will have to put my mad research skills to use to find that little out of the way city or town that offers something for us to participate in.


Yep, I’m going to Italy!

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  1. A back-pack purse- that was the best thing I took. There are gypsies that follow you to snatch your purse. It wasn’t too big or too small! I am so excited for you. I want to see lots of food pictures with recipes!

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