Jumbled thoughts after a great cooking class

Sometimes I feel the need to come home from a class, one that was super successful I might add, and write down my thoughts. I get  a real “high” of sorts from teaching because it’s something I am so passionate about and love to do. And like I said before, the fact my son is there teaching with me, makes it all the better.

If someone asked me five years ago where I saw myself in 2014 I would not have said teaching classes on Italian cooking and working as a barista. I can’t believe how blessed I am to be doing what I love. My life is full. Seeing people’s eyes light up with the information I teach them and as they learn new skills gives me pleasure and makes me smile.

Tonight was really interesting. I typically ask who in the home does most of the cooking, who has eaten and/or made homemade pasta before, and who might be Italian or grown up with a grandma or mom making pasta. Pretty standard “get to know you” types of questions for my students and the answers are varied with each class. One guy started asking me some questions about my family and where we were from in Italy. He was from the Molise region as well but more toward the Isernia side. He told me he could tell by the “accent of dialect” which is very interesting since I do not speak any Italian. It was in my Pittsburgh accent I am sure. But it was really neat. I love making connections with my students like this. Or when another mentions braciole, which is rare for me to hear. It takes a special kind of Italian who knows about braciole. I always love to compare recipes since Italian cuisine is really about regional cooking. The recipe or directions for braciole vary from region to region so it’s cool to hear someone else’s recipe their family uses.

Tonight the participants left asking for another class and when I will be teaching again. I’m thinking of putting together a few other menus to suggest to the cafe owner to think about and seeing if we can get in another class or two before summer hits.  I hope it is successful like tonight turned out to be for us.

Here is the finished plate of pasta, meatballs and sauce from class as a student emailed me this before she ate the meal. I wish we had one of the quick tiramisu to show because it was so delicious! I think adding the rum made all the difference!