Classes, classes and more classes!

It’s that time of year again when we here in northeast Ohio are looking for indoor activities due to the crazy weather we’ve been experiencing. Many of the locals are signing up for my cooking classes for which I am thrilled about. I’ve held another no-cook appetizer class at a local library, from which these photos were taken, and a private class for a finance group and now I have three classes for couples in the next month. We are focusing on Italian food. I am  keeping it simple but oh so delicious.

Here are a few photos from the library class. The adult activity coordinator took these.



Besides the Italian food classes I have one class featuring a meal for Lent, a science in the kitchen type of class and a class I have put together for children including scout troops focusing on healthy eating choices and teaching them simple recipes. I love teaching kids as much as adults.

I’m entering a contest to win a week-long trip to Italy and I will keep you all informed on how this goes. Details will come later as I don’t want any of my readers to be my competition! hehehe.

Happy cooking to all!

2 thoughts on “Classes, classes and more classes!

  1. Hello,I will be in your part of the country for the Christmas hydliaos; I’m meeting a friend coming in from Australia and we’re both interested in attending class(es) while we’re in the area. I know it’s early days but we’d be very excited if you offer classes late December/early January. I will keep checking your website.Thanks and keep up the good work,Susan.

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