Friday Favorites

Yes it’s that time again! Time to post all your favorite blog posts from the past week. This gives you a chance to go and visit some great blogs that you might not know about so be sure to visit our host, Life Without Pink , and leave your link to your blog post listing your favorites.

1. Presto Pasta Nights– I’ve been busy this week, reading lots of neat blogs and finding new recipes. One of my favorite places for new pasta recipes is to visit PPN, when I remember, and find all the great pasta dishes to make. The variety is awesome. This week The Sweet Kitchen is hosting the round up so stop in for great recipes.

2. Speaking of pasta, Michelle at Bleeding Espresso has a fabulous post about pasta and how often Italians eat it. I was amazed at the comments as well as her links and contents. She is a favorite of mine.  Be sure to comment and let her know your thoughts.

3. Comments let us bloggers know what our readers think. Tia from Biz Chick Blogs wrote this wonderful post that is on Comment Luv’s blog about leaving comments and the “laws” regarding them. Interesting reading and be sure to vote for Tia’s article.

4. I love keeping up with the slightly younger generation of mommy bloggers out there by following many on Twitter and other blogging communities. I came across the Mommy Perks community because Shara was hosting an Anne of Green Gables party on Twitter. I tried hard to keep up but I was so lost and left the party early. It was fun to chat about one of my favorite books series and movie series of all time.

Be sure to visit Life Without Pink for more Friday Favorites lists. And hey, add your own list after you write it! The world wants to hear from you as much as I do here in the comment section. (hint hint)

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